At GMI your learn the basic of playing the Trumpet, and that starts with playing the instrument in the correct posture, which is rarely taught and necessary to have good embouchure which is the proper link between the player and their instrument. Without this technique, your not really "playing the instrument correctly".

Believe it or not, correct posture is key in learning to play this instrument well, so it is incorporated into the lessons for good reason. There is a correct way to hold the instrument as well, that is all part of the posture and handling that must be taught at the beginning, at minimum, and covered in GMI Music lessons for Trumpet. You will learn proper breathing, reading notes, keeping track of your lips (which make the pitch of your notes) and much more. Practicing the scales are a very important skill developing routine that must be practiced a lot if you want to master this instrument. You will also learn breathing exercises and good hand—eye coordination are all brought into the lesson plans for learning Trumpet at GMI Music Ambler.

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