At GMI our FLUTE lessons are top notch and taught by real professional teachers. Learning this instrument not only can be fun, but highly rewarding as well.

Learning about playing the Flute starts with hand and fingering placement, as this is the guide and way to master this instrument and play it correctly. Handling this instrument is fundamentally important along with learning the right posture and then reading notes while playing. Learning notation and muscle memory is the next level of learning this instrument. You will learn from an experienced teacher who will take the time to insure that your lessons cover all the right basics and methods to master the flute.

All Saxophones, Clarinets and Flutes are members of the woodwind family of instruments. The fingerings are closely related with some important differences. Sax and Clarinet use a mouthpiece and reed. Flute sound is produced by manipulating air over and into a tune hole on the head joint part of the instrument. They all read Treble Clef music. Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute are very versatile instruments. All have been used in many types of music. If you are interested in starting up with one of these horns, but are not sure which one is for you or perhaps have questions in regards to purchasing one please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help.

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